WOD 12/10/18


Happy last beautiful hours of your weekend my friends. Hope it’s been rad! Had to brag on Brian and Sara for a sec…they competed last weekend down in California and represented Steelhead in a 1st and 3rd place finish! They also got to kick it with Dave Castro aka, BMOC of Crossfit. ;) So proud of you guys!

Well, let’s just get right to it! Here’s your Monday work:

WARMUP: samson lunge x 30 sec/side + spiderman x 30 sec/side + bicep bar rollout x 30 sec/side + 3RDS: 10 alt. box step ups + 30 sec plank hold

A1. 1 Arm KB Bulgarian Split Squats x 8 reps/side @20x1 *load kb opposite to planted leg (4 sets)

A2. Alt. 2 Arm DB Curl to Press x 16-20 reps (4 sets)


100/75 Cal AD

-rest 2 min-

AMRAP in 5

10 Box Jumps (24/20)

1 Wall Walk

-rest 2 min-

1k Run

WOD 12/7/18


These boys…which one of them describes your week?? Ha! Well, it’s Friday, time to get ready for the weekend! Tomorrow we start it off with a bang!! Come get a partner WOD @430, and stay for Fridery after! Or if you are working out earlier, come @530 to just join in the fun. Bring something to share, and a donation for the Paradise Fire victims.

Alright guys, have the best weekend and remember - bring a friend Saturday @9am!

WARMUP: Coaches Choice


Partner EMOM x 20min

5 Pullups

5 Power Snatches (95/65)

*Partner A has 1 min to finish reps while Partner B hangs from pullup bar.



WOD 12/6/18


I was so impressed today watching all of your Turkish Getups! The Navy Seals have a saying, and it says “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.” Just because you see a movement in a WOD that is “timed” don’t let that push you to perform it without good form. Slowing a movement down that you aren’t yet proficient at (or maybe at a weight that is pushing the threshold of your good technique) means that when you need the movement to be fast…you will be!

Happy Birthday to Jon Vait!! You always make everyone smile, you rival Fabio with your amazing hair, and you are strong like bull! Thank you for your great attitude and friendship!

Let’s get to Thursday’s work:

WARMUP: ball on traps x 2 min + ball on glutes x 2 min + penalty box tabata: side hop/run around - crawl around - plank taps - burpee high jump over


3 Rounds

20 Around The World Slam Balls (10 ea. way)

20 Jumping Lunges

10 Cal AD

-rest until recovered, and then…


3 Sets

  • SL DL x 8-10 reps/ea. @3011

  • BB Glute Bridge x 6-8 reps @20x1

  • Ring Plank x 30 sec

WOD 12/5/18

 Looks at the clock every 5 seconds…”WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG?!”

Looks at the clock every 5 seconds…”WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG?!”

You made it to the middle! I’m sorry to make you run tomorrow again. But look, it’s not even going to go below freezing…you’ll be fine. ;)

Hope you have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY! Here’s your work:

WARMUP: pigeon stretch x 2 min/side + 10 pike to cobra + 10 good mornings + squat hold x 1 min + 3RDS: 6 alt. bw tgu’s + 100m run

A1. 1 Power Clean + 2 Squat Cleans (TNG) (5 sets)

A2. DB Bench Press x 5 reps @31x2 (5 sets)


3 Rounds

6 alt. TGU

12 R. KBS (70/55)

200m Run

-rest 3 min-

3 Rounds

10 Burpees

12 KB Power Cleans (70/55)

50 Double Unders

WOD 12/4/18


Welcome to December everyone! This is the month for thinking of others, giving of ourselves and also having a wonderful time with friends and family. On that note, we will continue our fun Fridery nights! Come to class at 430 on Friday, get your WOD on, and then stay for dinner and drinks over at the Cidery! It’s potluck style, Steelhead will provide the meat!

We are using this night to highlight how you can be involved in helping others. Sweet Ginny has offered to take up donations for the victims of the Paradise fire. They need toiletries, kitchen supplies (pots and pans, plates, cups, utensils) and toys. We are working in conjunction with Neighborhood Church who has a sister church in Paradise. Let’s Fridery for a cause!!

Have a fabulous Tuesday, here’s your work:

WARMUP: childs pose x 1 min + 3RDS: 10 scap pullups + 10 pvc around the worlds + 10 muscle snatch + 20 mountain climbers

A1. Overhead Squats x5 reps @31x1 *build in weight (5 sets)

A2. L-Hang x 20-40 sec (5 sets)


AMRAP in 10

15 Plate G2O (45/25)

15 Box Jumps (24/20)

15 GHD Sit Ups -or- 15 Wtd Sit Ups (15/10)

WO 12/3/18


The many faces of Monday?? Say it ain’t so!! These are actually the hard working faces that kicked booty at the Reindeer Games this weekend! Thank you so much for all who came and supported these badass babes!

Now, if you’re face doesn’t look a little something like this tomorrow…I ain’t doing my JOB! Ready for the week? Let’s get it! Happy Monday, here’s your work:

WARMUP: couch stretch x 2 min/side + partner chest stretch + 3RDS: 10 walking lunges + 100m run

A1. 2 Arm KB Bulgarian Split Squats x 10/side @20x1 (3 sets)

A2. 2 Arm DB Curl to Press x 10 reps (3 sets)


1k Run

-rest 2 min-

AMRAP in 5

15 Air Squats

12 Ring Rows

10 Push Ups

-rest 2 min-

800m Row

WOD 11/30/18


Happy Friday y’all! This has been a tough week!! You guys killed it. Remember there is NO SATURDAY CLASS!! Please come down to the Reindeer Games being hosted by Rogue Valley Crossfit and cheer on the amazing women of Steelhead! There will be a food truck, so come and hang!

Hope you have a fabulous day, here’s one last WOD for your week:

WARMUP: 5 min to get warm + 5 min to mobilize (focus on shoulders, calves, hammies)


6 Rounds

200m Run

6 Pullups

-rest 1 min-



WOD 11/29/18


It’s amazing how under 10 min can really kick your butt! Great job today everyone! Remember tomorrow is the Lunchbox WOD from 1115-1145! If your Thursday timeline is limited, this might make your day easier!

Alright, enjoy your Thursday. Hope it’s super blessed. Here’s is one blessing…your work:

WARMUP: foam roll low back + ball on glutes + 10 scorpions + 10 iron cross + 2RDS: 10 pass thru’s + 10 wall squats + 20 sec side plank + bear crawl x 30ft + butt kickers 30ft

Every 90 sec, for 30 min (4 sets)

Station 1 - 20/15 Cal Row

Station 2 - 15 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)

Station 3: 250m Row

Station 4: 20 S/A DB Snatches (10 ea. side)(50/35)

Station 5: 15 V Ups

*Your goal should be to finish this entire workout without falling short in any interval. If the prescribed reps or distances are unattainable, adjust the reps so you can complete the first round relatively comfortably.

WOD 11/28/18


6am…it’s such a love hate time of day. I love that so many of you are committed to the early morning workout, look at how much fun they are having!! I don’t understand you. ;-)

Well, we have made it to the middle of the week!! I just want to let you all know that many of us will be competing this Saturday at the Reindeer Games at Rogue Valley Crossfit. Unfortunately, that means there will be NO Saturday class!! But, we would love to see you at the competition cheering Steelhead on!!

Alright, enough of the small talk. Here’s your work:

WARMUP: ball on chest/shoulders + banded hammy stretch x 10 (toes forward/out/in) Tabata AD (4 rounds) + Tabata Single Unders (4 rounds)

A1. WTD Ring Dips x 3-5 reps (3 sets)

A2. Bench Press x 4-6 reps (3 sets)

A3. GHD or WTD GHD Sit Ups x 10 reps (3 sets)


30 Power Cleans @ 70% of your 1RM. Every time you rest or drop the bar, complete 50 Double Unders.

WOD 11/27/18


I hope that was a nice ease into the week. Yeah, anyone else feeling their indulgences bite them back in the runs??

Ok, on to Tuesday! Here’s your work:

WARMUP: banded pigeon stretch x 1 min/side + 2RDS: 10 spiderman & leg through pushups x 10 ea. way + 10 fr kb squats + 10 hand planted bench hurdles + 20 russian swings

A. Back Squat: 5x5 reps @32x1


In Teams of 2

AMRAP in 20:

1000m Row

100 KB Deadlifts

100m KB Farmer’s Carry

100 KB Walking Lunges

100 KB Push Presses

WOD 11/26/18

 Back to reality…

Back to reality…

It’s a good thing we all wear stretchy pants! Time to get back at it after all the indulging you may have done!! Hope you had the most blessed time and found so much to be thankful for. Ready to Monday? Here it is…your work:

WARMUP: banded lat stretch x 2 min + 2RDS: 200m row + 10 ring rows + 10 kips + 30 sec plank

A. Every 2 min for 18 min (3 sets):

  1. Supinated Grip Bent Over BB Row x 8 reps @2111

  2. Strict C2B Pullups -or Strict Ecc. Pullups x 3-5 reps

  3. Nose To Wall HS Hold x 1 min


    Every 5 min for 20 min (4 sets):

    Run 400m

    15 T2B

WOD 11/23/18


I. AM. TOO. STUFFED TO WRITE. Hope you enjoyed your day, it started in the best way with a little Filthy action!! Get some more, and work off your gravy with a good one for tomorrow. Remember 8a and 330p to get it.

Here’s Friday’s work:

WARMUP: lax ball on t-spine + corpse stretch on foam roller + 2 RDS: hammy banded stretch x 10/side + 10 scorpions + 10 iron cross + 30 ft broad squat jump


4 Rounds

400m Run

40ft Farmer’s Carry (70/55)

40 Slam Balls

40ft Farmers Carry

40 Alt. KB Snatches (35/25)

-rest 1 min-

WOD 11/2/18


Happy Thanksgiving Steelhead family! We are so thankful for this place and for what each of you make it. A community of people who desire to be well rounded, hard working, caring, strong people! Love you all, hope you enjoy your family and friends. But first, come WOD @ 9am!!

Here’s your turkey day work:

“Filthy Fifty”

For Time

  • 50 Box Jumps (24/20 in)

  • 50 Jumping Pull-Ups

  • 50 Kettlebell Swings (35/25)

  • 50 Walking Lunges

  • 50 Knees-to-Elbows

  • 50 Push Press (45/35 lb)

  • 50 Back Extensions

  • 50 Wall Balls (20/14 lb)

  • 50 Burpees

  • 50 Double-Unders

WOD 11/21/18


Happy Wednesday and Turkey Eve! Remember there will only be one class on Thanksgiving at 9am! Come sweat out before you pig out!

Happy Birthday to RACHEL ALLRED! She is one of the strongest mamas I know, and we are so blessed to have you as part of our Steelhead fam! Hope you have the BEST year!!


Here’s your work:

WARMUP: partner hammy smash + ball on calves/bottom of feet + 2RDS: 10 kb squat cleans + 10 ring rows + 10 bb good mornings + 10 walk out to pushups


Teams of 2:

AMRAP in 20

10 Deadlifts (225/155)

100m Sprint

10 Cal AD

10 GHD Sit Ups -or- WTD Sit Ups (35/25)



WOD 11/20/18


What a great week! Some tough workouts that end in family and pie! Great job tackling Monday, here is your schedule for the week:


Now on to the business of Tuesday:

WARMUP: pigeon stretch x 1 min/side + 3RDS: 10 banded goblet squats + kb rack/OH hold x 30 sec/side + kb suitcase/OH hold x 30 sec/side + 30 single unders

A. Pausing Front Squat: Build to a heavy single (3 sec pause)


3 Rounds

30/21 Cal Row

30 Russian Swings (55/35)

30 Front Squats (95/65)

WOD 11/19/18


Hope you had the most wonderful weekend! I got to spend Friday night having fun at Fridery (you must join, Gold Rush Cider across the way is legit) and Saturday celebrating Steelhead babies, and b’days. It was awesome, and on a week to be thankful, I am SO incredibly thankful for all of you. This community is what the good stuff of life is made of.

Now to the work of Monday! Let’s get ready for a feast this week!!

WARMUP: lax ball on chest and shoulder + 3RDS: 10 wall squats + 20 sec lat stretch/side + 20 sec L-sit + 10 cal row

A1. 1 TGU + 3 KB OH Squat/side (3 complexes/side) (3 sets)

A2. KB Rack Curtsy Step Overs x 6-8/leg (3 sets)

A3. Dragon Flag x AMRAP (as many as possible with good form) (3 sets)


4 Rounds

6 Strict Pullups (2 Rope Climbs)

400m Run

8 DB Snatches (50/35)

-rest 1 min-

WOD 11/16/18


You did it!! Made it to Friday! This is our last Everyday Warrior workout, and thank you to all who participated and donated. Come hang with us at 530 as we get our workout on and hang out after! Bring something to share if you want to eat!!

Here’s Friday’s work:

WARMUP: Coaches Choice

A1. Ring Star Plank x 30 sec (4 sets)

A2. Half Kneeling KB Lift & Chop x 10/side (4 sets)



WOD 11/15/18


Happy Thursday!! Our last Everyday Warrior workout is Friday and we would love to have you come join and then have some food and head over to the cidery after! 530!

Let’s get it!! Here’s your work:

WARMUP: 4RDS: 30 sec SA/FR hold Wall sit + 10 russian swings (increase wt. ea. round) + SA KB OH RNT reverse lunge x5/side



Teams of 2:

10 Rounds (5 ea.)

400m Run

12 Russian KB Swings (55/35)(70/55)

*switch after completing full rounds



WOD 11/14/18


Look at this good looking Everyday Warrior crew! Thanks for all of your support, you guys are awesome.

It’s the middle of the week! Let’s keep up the good work!! Here it is:

WARMUP: pigeon stretch x 1 min/side + 30 sec AD + 10 spidermans + 30 sec AD + 10 scorpions + 30 sec AD + 10 iron cross + 30 sec AD + 10 inchworms + 30 sec AD

A. Every 3 min for 15 min (5 sets) Back Squat x 2-4 reps @20x1 *add weight ea. set


For Time

50 Cal Row

40 S/A DB/KB Push Press

30 T2B

20 30ft Shuttle Runs

*For the Push Press, hold 2 DB/KB in FR position. Do 10 reps on one arm while holding the other in the FR position. You must perform 10 reps on one arm before switching to the next. 10 left, 10 right…

WOD 11/13/18


Happy Birthday to our new mamasita, Alyssa!! You are strong, and now…strong for one more! We love your family, and so thankful for you guys!

Way to suffer through that tough hero WOD today. It was done in honor, and that’s the best. Ready for Tuesday? Let’s get it. Here’s your work:

WARMUP: partner hammy mash + 10 banded hammy stretch x 10 kang squats + 3RDS: 30ft bear crawl + 30 sec plank + 30ft walking lunge + 100m row

A1. Pause Deadlift x 5-6 reps (pause for 2 sec @ mid shin, then extend to full hip and knee extension, reset before ea. lift) start sets @ around 60-65% of 1 RM and build by feel. -rest 60 sec-(4 sets)

A2. L-Sit Hold x 30-45 sec -rest 60 sec- (4 sets)


Bench Presses (65% of 1RM)

WTD Sit Ups (35/25) GHD Sit Ups

Slam Balls

*50 Double Unders to start, and after ea. set.