WOD 3/14

Go for Monday !!

Nice work to everybody who competed Friday night and very nice work to the people who got their first muscle up!! There were quite a bit of you. 

Alright guys, The Southern Oregon Slam is coming up in a couple weeks and we could use as much help as possible, either by helping judge or helping with equipment but we definitely would be very appreciative for all the help we could get! We want more than anything to make our first Annual competition a huge success and the only way we can do that is withthe help from our Steelhead Family, so if you're willing, could you please let us know ?!

One more announcement , to help out with heat assignments for Friday evenings, if you are going to be gone or need to be in a different heat, could you please let me know , it would make things a little smoother, thanks guys.



OHS  Build slowly to a 1RM


OHS 135/95

Burpee over bar

60 double unders