WOD 5/19/16



You guys are blazing through the week!! Don't forget partay at Brian and Sara's on Saturday evening! Fun and Regional viewing starts at 630, I will have their address written on the board, so if you don't make it in tomorrow-Saturday...I will beat you, and then you can text me for the address. Kidding!!! I won't give you the address! ;)

Ok, so we got some new toys and I'm just DYING to use them. You are my guinea pigs. So, in a way...my pets? Does that make you feel weird?

Thursday's work:

A. 1 min MAX EFFORT Sled Push/Pull (2xbw/1.5xbw) -add up total meters-

--5 min rest btw efforts--

x 5 sets


4 Rounds

B1. 100m Sprint ALL OUT (record fastest time) --rest 1 min--

B2. 3 Rope Climbs (record fastest time) --rest 1 min--

B3. Max time FLR (record longest hold) --rest 1 min--