WOD 5/31/16

Great job on Murph today guys!! That workout is no joke, and you all smoked it. I also want to thank the men and women who keep this Country the home of the free because of the brave. Thank you for your service!!!

Hope you all had a nice day off relaxing, bbq'ing, celebrating, and now let's get back to business. 

**Tues/Thurs morning schedule is BACK TO NORMAL!! So, if you were thinking that with so much sunlight in the wee hours of the morning 6 am sounded like a nice time to workout...come on down! ;) Good luck to all the Crew 10 BLM Fire Fighters! 

A. Clean Grip RDL @ 3121 6,4,4,3 --rest 2 min btw sets--

B. Muscle Clean 3,3,3,3 --rest 90 sec--


4 Sets (hard):

5 TNG Power Clean (145/105)

10 Tall Box Jumps (30/24)

50m Farmer's Carry

--Rest 90 sec--

D. 200m Row Interval x 4 sets --work at 10 sec slower than 500m split time. So if you are at 1:40 normally, then row 4 sets at 1:50.  --60 sec rest--