WOD 4/24/17

18 mi...quite an amazing feat, you guys!! So proud of our diverse Crossfit crowd! 

Hope you had the most fantabulous, get out to the sunshine, relax the soul type of weekend! Get ready to hit it this week. So, those sweatpants in the back you want to order? Sheet will be up starting tomorrow! Make sure you mark down the brand and size you want (male or female...also some are unisex. You see we really have a handle on this. ;)

Ready to work?? Here's Monday:

WARMUP: 3 RDS: 10 alt. roll backs w/hurdler stretch + 10 standing leg swings/side


Every 75 sec: (4 sets) Row 45 sec (50-60-70-90%) efforts + 10 Good Mornings

A1. Deadlift 3-3-2-2-1 (pause 2 sec @ top)

A2. DB See Saw Bench Press x 8-12 reps @2020 (5 sets)


For Time:

800m Run

30 T2B

Row 800m

60 Sit Ups

100 DU

Cash Out: Max Effort Ring Plank x 3 sets