WOD 5/12/17

Nice catch MARK!! I bet you were really glad for your fitness about 10 min before this picture!! ;) 

Well you guys, it's been a week! Some tough workouts, life with it's own craziness, some of you dealing with old and new injuries, whatever you are dealing with...I hope our place can be a place of refuge! If you have injuries or special needs that you may be facing physically, I hope you all feel free to talk to us about them and help us keep you in the gym and tailor your experience to better YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS! We are here for all of you, just wanted to remind ya's! ;)

So, onto this business of it being Friday. I mean, how can we NOT end the week with a partner, some snatch...and then maybe the only thing better might be where Ty's at...


A. Take 15 min to build to today's "heavy" Power Snatch

Drop back down to 65% and then...

take 15 min to build to today's "heavy" Snatch


*Remember the Open? Seems so long ago! All those studs who made it past their own gym in competition now get to face other people in other gyms! We celebrate these people by joining in the fun...

"Homage to Regionals"

Teams of 2:

(each complete)

250m Run 


12 DB Snatches (55/35)

(each complete)

250m Run


14 DB Snatches

(each complete)

250m Run


16 DB Snatches

*one partner works at a time

Cash Out: Time for tabata abs?? I'll throw on some special tunes and it'll be player's choice!