WOD 1/8/18

Steelhead Sirens...Pounding a little Assfault

Steelhead Sirens...Pounding a little Assfault

We've got this awesome group of ladies that...fairly committedly have been running together on relays, track days, long runs, short runs, runs where most of it you are stuck in a van with lots of other stinky, but super amazing people.

The weekend didn't last. Believe me, I did everything to try and make it stay! Alas, Monday returned. That's totally cool tho, Monday's our girl! She can be a B sometimes, but most of the time...she's pretty rad. How about some rad you can count on??

Here's Monday's work;

WARMUP: 3 RDS: plank x 20 sec/side + 5 stationary walk out to push up + childs pose x 30 sec

A1. DB/KB Bench Press: 5x5 @ 40x0

A2. SA DB/KB Rows 5x5/side @ 40x0 (7 sets)



200m Run

10 Wall Balls

5 Burpees

-rest 2 min-


3 Wall Walks

6  C2B Pullups Rx (3 MU Rx+)