WOD 3/22/18


We find out tomorrow what the LAST OPEN WOD IS!!! I can't believe it's almost over! Please join us Friday for the last one, partying our butts off directly after will be on the agenda. 

I want to send a huge thank you to Moore's Doors for providing !!!!TACOS!!!! for the shindig! Click on their name to check them out and support this awesome local biz! 

It's the push to the end of the week! Give me 2 more WODS! Here's Thursday's work:

WARMUP: bar on shoulder mob/foam roll adductors + 3 RDS: 6 shuttle runs + 6 spiderman/bootstrap/sky reach  kb combo 

A1. Bench Press: 2x1 warmup sets + 1RM + 2x1 @ 90-95%

A2. Back Squat: Same


3 Rounds

30 sec AD Sprint (all out)

-1 min rest-

30 ft KB Bear Crawl (55/35)

10 Hang Power Cleans (115/85)

-1 min rest-